Apr 20, 2014

All of the family Dogs on Easter, they love when they get to have play days on holidays! 
Banner, Basha, and Libby!

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Apr 18, 2014

Best part of being a groom/ stable hand/ assistant instructor at my barn is that I get to spend pretty much all day everyday working at the barn.

Worst part of being a groom/ stable hand/ assistant instructor at my barn is that I have to spend pretty much all day everyday working at the barn.

Apr 18, 2014
Treat her like you’re still trying to win her, and that’s how you’ll never lose her.
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you & i - one day to go x

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20 random facts.

*if you see a 20 random facts post, do not reblog, simply copy this and post your own random 20 facts. Let your followers get to know you and you can get to know your followers in return!*

I am doing this because I am bored and I can and yes.

1) I sing, its what I do, its who I am, music is my whole world. I cant live without it, I also play a bit of piano, and try with the guitar but I am not very good yet, but I get better every day!

2) I ride horses and have been riding since I was like 6 but I did not start lessons until I was 10. I started out western (just like pleasure riding and trails), then when I started lessons I started riding Hunters/EQ and Loved it, but when I got my current horse I began eventing and I am really enjoying it!

3) I am a christian- I believe in God and try to live for him. I believe God loves everyone even if we make mistakes. I won’t get into it anymore than that, I wont push my faith on you, but if you want to chat about it I am willing to chat any time about it. 

4) I was born with Blond curly hair but as I got older it got darker and went strait, and then I began dyeing it when I was like 14, I got a perm in 2011 and stopped dyeing it, its now its natural light reddish brown and I like it.

5) My favorite colors are Light Orange, Light Purple, Mint green and Light Pink

6) I love food. I cook and bake for fun sometimes and probably eat too much but I do try to make healthy choices so its ok!

7) the things I hate most about myself is my weird body shape and my nose.

8) I like reading but find that when I am busy I don’t do enough of it.

9) I color in coloring books all the time- don’t judge I am a kid at heart

10) I have never had a legit serious relationship, always really really short and never really made sense :/

11) I am a sucker for a guy who can sing, if you have a good voice you are 10x more attractive to me. that being said, The things I look for most in a guy is their eyes, smile, and hair in that order. I do look at personality first above anything else. 

12) I have an older brother named Josh, he is pretty cool in a weird older brother kinda way I guess… 

13) I don’t like Oreo’s, cheesecake or PB&J sandwiches, I know I am weird but don’t judge me. 

14) my dog is a shorkie named Libby, she is super cute but a bit of a spoiled brat!

15) I hate judgmental people and bullying, honestly it does no one any good so keep it to yourself and have some respect. 

16) I don’t believe in normal people, everyone is weird in their own way.

17) I have social anxiety and general anxiety disorder both of which cause me to have random panic attacks but each day I fight harder and harder to overcome it. Its a fight that will never end but I refuse to give in, some days are harder than others but I won’t let it stop me from chasing my dreams!

18) my ideal temperature range is from like 70 to 90 degrees… sunny with some clouds a very gentle breeze and no rain… anything else is just yucky.

19) I drink a lot of hot tea, probably too much of it but its yummy and helps me to relax!

20) I would love to tour the world and visit a lot of other countries someday, it would be so cool to see everything and learn about all the other cultures!

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